Backpacking in Kenya: SGR Madaraka Express Advance Tickets Booking

Backpacking in Kenya: SGR Madaraka Express Advance Tickets Booking

County Train - Mombasa Termini Tickets

Mombasa Miritini Train Station

Are you traveling or backpacking in Kenya soon? Do you plan to visit the beach city of Mombasa by train during your trip? Are you looking for a way to book tickets for Madaraka express or the SGR intercounty trains?

If yes, let me help you with the booking, you do the traveling!

Kenyan backpacker can help you do the SGR booking in advance. All you have to do is show up at the station and travel in style. Kindly fill the form below and I will get back to you with details on how it all works.

If you need any other information with regards to Hiking, Traveling, Backpacking, Train travels, Bus travels, Budget accommodation and Local destinations tips in Kenya and Africa, feel free to contact me.

What to include in the request for train tickets:

  • When you intend to travel ( Date)
  • Number of passengers ( Number of adults and kids)
  • Preferred Class (Economy or First)
  • Preferred train (Express or Intercounty)

Fill in the form below then submit your request.

Thank you and travel safe,



Very trustworthy service!!! I’m a Dutchie and don’t easily trust things like this. But Leo was amazingly helpful, friendly and fast. I had the tickets I requested for within minutes and confirmation with elaborate instructions immediately after. I can totally recommend using this service. I’m a very happy customer.


Leo got my tickets for the Madaraka Express within a matter of minutes, replied to all my emails quickly, and offered an all round excellent service!

Maria & Kenneth

Me and my boyfriend booked traintickets through Leo, as we wanted to go with the SGR train between Nairobi and Mombasa. Leo was very easy to communicate with, and he answered all our questions and concerns in a very friendly way. Everything worked out perfect both ways, and I would highly recommend people to book tickets through Leo. Thank you very much for helping us out, so that we got to experience more of Kenya. Take care!

Jonas Oesterle

Leo helped me with booking the SGR ticket from Mombasa to Nairobi and everything worked out great! It would have been impossible otherwise as I don’t have access to MPesa. Much appreciated!

Jos verhoef

Mijn naam is jos verhoef kom uit nederland en hebben via leonard een treinkaart besteld. Geld overgemaakt via p poll kaartjes ontvangen via mail leonard heeft voor ons de kaartjes uitgeprint en bij het hotel afgeleverd. Grote klasse .


We were able to book our tickets with Leo really easily. He was very responsive and let us know that we should show up to the station an hour ahead of time. The security lines are crazy long and we’re glad we got there early.


Because I wasn’t going to be able to get to the terminal in Nairobi in time to purchase tickets before our trip to Mombasa, I decided to use Kenyan Backpacker’s services. So glad I did!
He arrived to our Hotel in Nairobi and delivered the tickets as requested. Very convenient and a big relief, as the trains fill up quickly, so having the tickets purchased a month in advance made it possible to get the seats we needed.


Excelent service!!
I paid Leo as required in advance via Paypal for the Madarka Express (not knowing him or his services)……
Our communication was through WhatsApp and Leo responded in good time every time.
Our tickets was delivered as agreed on time at the hotel
The train trip is a must for anybody travelling to Mombasa.
Prevent a stressfull roadtrip and rather sit back and relax in a modern train while sightseeing through beautiful countryside as well as crossing Tsavo National Park from west to east. We saw plenty game (elephants, zebra, buffalo, etc)
Don’t fly from Nairobi to Mombasa. You will miss too much.


Thank you Wihan for your kind comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the train trip. Karibu tena!


I found Leo‘s website via Google on searching for possibilities to do a online booking for the SGR Train. After having a chat via WhatsApp I was convinced I can trust Leo and his service. Currently there is no other chance to get tickets prior to your arrival in Kenya. We arrived with our three children on Dec 25th and wanted to travel to Mombasa on Dec 27th. If I had to try to get tickets right after arrival two days before our planned depature date, if would habe struggeled, as the tickets are mainly somd out 14 days before departure date. So Leo organized our tickets, even with a one night stop in Voi. The day we arrived in Nairobi Leo visited us in our Hostel and gave us the tickets. This service is really awesome and highly recommendable. Thank you Leo for your perfect support. Marco


Thank you, Marco. It was great meeting you and assisting you as well. Through you, i found out there is such a cool place to camp in Nairobi that I didn’t know. You are welcome anytime.And as your Tee Print says, “Jobs fill pockets, adventure fills the soul”, may you have an adventurous Year 2018.


Hi Leo, meanwhile I am back to Germany. I had a great trip and time in Kenya. Thanks a lot for your help regarding buying the SRG train ticket! All worked very smooth.

Sami Boman

We arrived to Nairobi middle of night and wanted continue next morning straight to Mombasa with Madaraka Express. Quick Google and I found this KenyanBackpacker Leo and few chat’s later he promised to get our tickets (you cannot buy those same day you’re traveling). When we arrived in Kenya we had only a promise that Leo comes to bring our tickets to Nairobi Terminus, but no worries, Leo came and bring tickets and our journey to Mombasa started just as planned! Thank you Leo! Our trip to Kenya was magnificent!


Thanks, Sami. It was a pleasure meeting you. Your guys were very cool. I am also glad to hear you had a good time in Kenya. Always welcome to visit another day. Cheers!

Jean St-Hilaire

I have used Leo (KenyanBackpacker) for our Madaraka Express booking. At first was in doubt about this service but It was so perfect, would recommend him for train booking and any advice and services on backpacking in Kenya. He is a passionate traveler and so happy to help travelers from around the world. 100% recommended by an active traveler that have traveled more than 100,000 km in 2017!


Thank you very much, Jean. It was nice meeting and helping you. Safe travels.


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