Your Top 5 Kenyan Backpacking Essentials

Your Kenyan Backpacking Essentials: 5 items you shouldn’t travel without.

Kenya is a truly breath-taking country, famous for its stunning landscapes, its dramatic coastline, endless Savannah plains, lake-lands and even mountainous highlands. It’s hardly surprising that millions of people flock to this East African country every single year. From the stunning coconut framed beach of Diani to the safari trails and Masai Mara Reserve. Whatever part of this diverse landscape you plan on visiting you certainly won’t be disappointed.

To make the most of your backpacking adventure, you’re going to need to pack carefully and keep factors such as the weather in mind – even in the rainy season (April-August) it never really gets cold. With this in mind let’s take a look at the items you shouldn’t travel without. Read on to find out more.


Whether you wear contact lenses or you’re someone who relies on traditional frames, bringing with you a pair of glasses and an additional spare pair of spectacle frames is essential. Wearing contact lenses in the persistent heat can lead to your eyes feeling dry and uncomfortable, whilst wearing frames will not only prevent dryness but also shield your eyes from dust and debris. Ensure your glasses are placed in a hard case to protect them whilst travelling, and a glasses repair kit should also be a priority.

Protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun is also essential on your Kenyan trip. Ensure the sunglasses you purchase come with UV filter protection and remember to store them safely in a hard case when not in use.

Hiking shoes

Bringing along the right pair of shoes is imperative. Whether you’re walking in the mountains or are invited to view animals whilst on foot during a safari, a good pair of hiking shoes should support your feet and ankles, and perform well as you find your way across rocky, uneven terrain. Wearing your boots before you travel to break them in will reduce the likelihood of blisters and sore feet whilst you’re enjoying your Kenyan adventure.

Casual shoes

Whether you’re planning to experience the nightlife, stroll along the beaches or enjoy time at your hotel, a pair of casual shoes are a must. Strong, supportive sandals are always recommended, that way you’ll be comfortable and have the support your ankles need, whether you’re exploring the cities or relaxing poolside.

Wipes and hand sanitizer

If you’re travelling and exploring remote areas, then keeping some hand sanitizer and wet wipes on hand is always a good idea. Keeping your hands clean before you eat and after you use the bathroom will help keep illness at bay and you can enjoy your trip without losing any days to sickness.

And finally, vaccinations

Before you travel, you must have the right vaccinations and receive a full bill of health from your doctor. If you currently take medications, ensure you have enough to cover your trip but take note of any pharmacies and medical centres that are within your chosen location. You should also be aware of any Covid-19 vaccination requirements before you travel.

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