How to Start a Travel Blog with WordPress DIY

How to Start a Travel Blog or Website

Starting a Travel Blog Travel stories bring a destination to life. They transport the reader or the listener there through the traveler’s experience. Besides newspapers, magazines, guidebooks and travel brochures, the internet is another great channel through which one can publish their stories. Every time you search the web for travel related information, thousands of …


Naftali Temu and Kenya’s First Olympics Gold Medal

Olympics Games (Tokyo 1964 and Mexico 1968) During the Tokyo Olympics of October 1964, Wilson Kiprugut Chumo finished third (800m) and won Kenya’s first Olympic medal. This achievement was historical, but it’s the 1968 Summer Olympics games in Mexico that will forever remain memorable to Kenyans and the World. The games in Mexico City took …


Your Top 5 Kenyan Backpacking Essentials

Your Kenyan Backpacking Essentials: 5 items you shouldn’t travel without. Kenya is a truly breath-taking country, famous for its stunning landscapes, its dramatic coastline, endless Savannah plains, lake-lands and even mountainous highlands. It’s hardly surprising that millions of people flock to this East African country every single year. From the stunning coconut framed beach of …