Nairobi to Mombasa Advance Train Booking SGR Madaraka Express

Madaraka Express tickets advance booking. SGR train tickets booking.

Note: The SGR authority (Kenya railways corporation) has rolled out an online ticket booking system (website). To obtain the tickets you have to make sure you book up to 60 days in advance.

Booking SGR Tickets without Mpesa (For International Travelers)

Make an advance booking and seat reservation for the train services from Nairobi to Mombasa. The tickets will be delivered to you on arrival in Nairobi or to your preferred location in Nairobi. A scanned copy will be e-mailed to you or sent via phone in advance.

Nairobi to Mombasa Advance Train Booking

The New SGR train operated by Kenya Railways

The new Madaraka express train between Nairobi to Mombasa is in operation. Here are the schedules, train ticket rates, and more information.

NB/ My rates are a bit higher than the normal ones due to collection logistics. I am not an agent of SGR but I can go to the station and buy you the tickets if they are available. Please note that you have to request about 6 or more days before your travel day. Thank you!


Schedule for Madaraka Express train Nairobi – Mombasa as of 01, November 2017

Madaraka Express - Afternoon Train

Mombasa to Nairobi – 3:15 pm (Departure)
Nairobi to Mombasa – 2:35 pm (Departure)
Mombasa to Nairobi – 8:14 pm (Arrival)
Nairobi to Mombasa – 7:18 pm (Arrival)

SGR Intercounty - Morning Train

Mombasa to Nairobi – 8:00 am (Departure) 
Nairobi to Mombasa – 8:20 am (Departure) 
Mombasa to Nairobi – 1:42 pm (Arrival) 
Nairobi to Mombasa – 2:18 pm (Arrival)

The following are the rates for Madaraka Express SGR advance train tickets from Nairobi to Mombasa and Mombasa to Nairobi.


The Schedule will change again effective December 01, 2017Check out the December Schedule Here. Read through for prices and luggage requirements


Advance train ticket normal rates from Nairobi to Mombasa for adults:

Economy Class: Kshs 1,000 ($11)
First Class: Kshs 3,000 ($31)

Advance train booking from Nairobi to Mombasa for Children:

  • Less than 3 years: free of charge
  • Age 3-11 years: half price.
  • Above 11 years: full price.

Book your stay in Mombasa

Advance train ticket normal rates from Mombasa to Nairobi for adults:

Economy Class: Kshs 1,000 ($11)
First Class: Kshs 3,000 ($31)

Advance train ticket rates from Mombasa to Nairobi for Children:

Less than 3 years: free of charge 
Age 3-11 years: half price. (Now full price)
Above 11 years: full price.

Stops, Luggage allowance, and other facts:

Maximum luggage per passenger: 30 Kg and below Luggage measurement: Not more than 1.6 m * 1.6 m * 1.6 m Maximum speed: 120 km/h Transit time: 5 hours and 30 minutes Number of seats per train: 1,200


Current Update

The Schedule for SGR Trains effective January 01, 2018Check out the December Schedule Here.

To check tickets availability and to buy them, Dial *639# from your Safaricom Line or Kenya Railways Website. The tickets are always in very high demand. Booking is open about 60 days in advance from June 01, 2019.

You can also visit the station to book the tickets. The counters open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm


Request for more information about Madaraka Express SGR advance ticket booking or Schedule.

Indicate the following details in the message field.

  • When you intend to travel ( Date) and departing from
  • Which train? (Intercounty or express)
  • Number of passengers ( Number of adults and kids)
  • Preferred Class (Economy or First)
  • A description of your request.



I want to travel to mombasa on 7-12-2021. How do I book and get the ticket.

Victory Murkomen

I would like to travel to Mombasa via standard class alone on 10th..what do I do?

Bahati Emmanuel

Good serve


I would like to travel to Mombasa via economy class with two of my brothers on 4th September 2020. Unfortunately I’m unable to access online booking. What do I do

fidelis wambui wanja and tracy wanjiku waithira

I need to travell to mombasa with my sister on 23 dec


I need more information.
I’ll be travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa in August on 11th.
I need two places first class.How will i buy a tickect since i’m note living un Kenya?
I’ll come from Kampala.
Please can you directe me

Bahati Emmanuel

Good serve

Pamela chepchumba

I would like to travel on Tuesday. Alone


I need to travel next week on 11th June 2019 to mombasa are there any vacancies??

Edison Ekidiam

i want to book three tickets for Sunday afternoon from Nairobi to Mombasa.How much will it cost?


how do I know my seat number ?I booked and M pesa brought me only the account number

Christine juma

I will be travelling to Mombasa on 7th of April next month and i want to book now are there vacant seats?

Antony mwangi

I want to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa on 25 november. May I book now or is it too early??


want to book from Nairobi to mombasa intercountys for two on 20/3 2019 is it available


I intend to travel to mombasa today in the afternoon, are there vacant seats?


I paid on Friday 1000 shillings for booking but I’m yet to confirm the right time I’m supposed to leave may you help me plz


If you completed the payment using Mpesa, I bet you received a text message from Mpesa about the transaction. From that text, there is an Account Number/Booking Number. Take note of that number together with the mobile number you used to buy the ticket with. You will use both numbers to print a boarding pass at the Train station on the day of travel. Make sure you arrive early – preferably 1.5 hrs in advance.


Good Morning, My sisters’ ans I ticket accidentally got soaked in water, so some how they are spoiled. Am told to pay again and buy another tickets. Is this how it is supposed to be?


PLEASE I HAVE PAID FOR TOMORROW MORNING, kindly can i use it as a return ticket since am traveling on air


For adults ID card is requested on entry what about for the minor?And what else am I supposed to have on the travel day?


i want to book economy class that goes for 1000 how can i do that i also want to travel on 17 of October from Mombasa to Nairobi

karthik mani

please advice how to book a train ticket Nairobi to mombasa

Peris Muchiri

I have not managed to book 2 tickets online for 22/06/2018. which link should I use?


how can i confirmed my ticket if valid before i travel


It should be valid. But you can as well go to the station and print the hard copy in case you have an E-Ticket


I won a ticket today on Radio Maisha, can another person travel with my ticket since he is the one who participated using my phone.


Hi, In this case, you would probably want to contact Kenya Railways.
0728603581, 0728603582, 0708572574, 0708571587

Sam Wrighton

Is it possible to book without a Kenyan mobile (MPesa)?


Hi Sam, Yes it is possible either by visiting the station and purchase the tickets personally or if you are not in Kenya, contact someone to do it for you.

Douglas katana

Can I get a sit for Tuesday 24th April afternoon. And what time does the passenger train leave from Nairobi town to syokimau.

rosen wanjiku ndururi

Good morning. Kindly can you resend me my Ticket Ref. No. I booked and paid on

March 28,2018 Economy Class 1 Adult. My names Rose Wanjiku Ndururi ID. No.10317662. Thanks


The sgr had given me a certain paybill no nd i paid and it showed me have paid to madaraka express nairobi terminus but when i check my ticket i cant see if have pair


Hi Winny, I am not sure that Paybill number belongs to Kenya Railways.What I know is that when you pay either by Mpesa or through the website you get an Account Number which you use together with your phone number to print tickets at the station.

John Rono

I did my booking by mistake with a wrong date of return.Instead of 2nd April i indicated 29th March..Is possible to change the date to 2nd of April?


Can I arrive at the train station ,purchase a ticket and leave on the same day?


yes but that is a big risk. Chances are you won’t get the ticket!


can i buy a ticket at the train station and travel on the same day??


I am out of the country and will be arriving in nairobi then travel to mombasa by Sgr. How do I book online considering I don’t have a Kenyan phone line………..any options like paying with MasterCard?


Want to boke tommorow morning is it available

Christopher ndiritu

Yesterday I paid 700 for a travel to Mombasa and after the 15 minutes till now av not received a confirmation text


Question asked: I have paid for SGR tickets and I haven’t received the confirmation message. What do I do?

Answer: In the Mpesa message that you get there is an account number from SGR, you will use this account number together with the phone number you used to book with to print the tickets at the departure train station. Arrive about one hour and a half in advance.


Hey,I need to Travel AT Mariakani,tomorrow Morning,Hiw Can i Book for SGR?

phyllis wanjiku mbutu

Need to revoke my receipt number 768332 scheduled for 13/1/2018


I have made an inquiry for 3:15 Mombasa -Nairobi departure.
Please advise if available.


i have tried all date formats i know but i keep getting reply that date format is wrong. i want to travel on February 5th. please advise


Am trying to change date format but not working


Am not able to book via phone with ussd is there any other option


Can I a get a ticket to Mombasa on Thursday

Arafat mukiti


Mohamed adan huka

I have booked Nairobi..mombasa first class for 3 people 10/01/18.for the last one confirmation sms. I paid 9000 via mpesa within time .advice


I am sure you got a Mpesa confirmation which has an account, right? That account number is what you use together with your mobile number to print the tickets

Ahmed Athman omar

Not yet

peter Mangi Karisa

Hi, i suppose to travel by tomorrow 23rd Feb, 2019 at 8.30Am but am having a special class on Monday and Tuesday, kindly can i reschedule my flight to 27th Feb,2019 from Nairobi to Mombasa please…

mercy Nkatha Kiogora

I really need to travel on Thur 16/08/2018 are there seats

Maureen mbithe loko

Sgr is awesome

Evans Wandera

Can I get Nairobi-Mombada bookings for Tuesday 14th July 2020 8.30am


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