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SWVL Kenya

SWVL Kenya – Buses, Routes, Fare Prices and Charter Services.

For a long time, the public transport system within Nairobi and to destinations outside the city has been horrible. But in recent years, a number of companies have stepped up to solve this problem. This hasn’t been easy given the challenges they continue to face especially from established players in the industry. A number of …

Tanzania, Serengeti

How to Save Money when Planning a Trip to Tanzania

Planning a Trip to Tanzania Visiting Africa may seem like an expensive trip at first but it’s worth every single penny. Since Tanzania is home to magnificent tourist attractions and is a world-known safari destination, all these things can be costly. Whether you are hiking Kilimanjaro, sightseeing in Serengeti, or vacation in a resort, you …


Tips for First-Time Travelers to Egypt

Visitors traveling to Egypt are fascinated by the jaw-dropping marvels, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Pharaohs’ tombs, the colossal temples, and its amazing attractions, such as sailing in the ever-thrilling Nile river. And though a gruesome picture has been portrayed about Egypt stating that it is not safe, especially for solo female travelers, you’ll …


Turkey: International Traveling Tips During Covid-19

Despite the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic, the appeal on Turkey is not lost. This is especially to travelers aiming to experience a charming and aesthetic cultural heritage. If you are considering visiting Turkey for sightseeing, visiting family, or for work, and are confused about the current situation because of the pandemic, then this article …