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How to Save Money when Planning a Trip to Tanzania

Planning a Trip to Tanzania Visiting Africa may seem like an expensive trip at first but it’s worth every single penny. Since Tanzania is home to magnificent tourist attractions and is a world-known safari destination, all these things can be costly. Whether you are hiking Kilimanjaro, sightseeing in Serengeti, or vacation in a resort, you …

5 Amazing Visa-Free African Destinations for Kenyan Citizens

5 Most Amazing Visa-Free African Countries for Kenyans

According to the Passport Index, the Kenyan passport has a Global Power Rank of position 69. This ranking – based on the visa-free score – makes it one of the strongest passports in Africa. As of February 2018, Kenyan passport holders could visit 39 countries visa-free, get visa-on-arrival in 30 countries and required a visa to …

Best Travel Photos of 2017 - Mukuba Express Train Zambia featured image

My 15 Best Travel Photos of 2017:: Backpacking in Africa

2017 in Photos: Backpacking in Kenya, Africa and Beyond. 2017 saw me go on adventures in Kenya and Southern Africa. I backpacked to Nyeri, Machakos, Mombasa, Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Below are 15 of the best pictures I took during the trips. Chinga Dam in Nyeri Kenya Chinga dam and Waterfall is …