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About Kenyan Backpacker:

My name is Leo. Born and raised in Kenya. Away from the computer screen, I love Backpacking in Africa, Hiking & Trekking, Travelling the World, Volunteering and Meeting nice people.

In this blog, I share backpacking tips, travel planning, and destination advice to help you travel better in Kenya, Africa and around the World.

Places I have traveled to:

Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Rwanda, Scotland, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Awesome things I have done:

  • Volunteering at Light in Africa Children’s Home in Moshi, Tanzania.
  • Backpacking from Nairobi to Victoria Falls (Trains, Buses & Hitchhiking).
  • Volunteering at Baraka Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya.
  • Hiking Mt. Meru (4562.13m) in Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Taking a Bus trip from Nairobi to Kigali via Kampala.
  • Riding a motorcycle from Nairobi to Taveta via Namanga and Arusha and back.
  • Riding in the world’s fastest roller-coaster in Abudhabi and explore the UAE.
  • Wandering in Singapore and Indonesia.

What I Write about:

Kenyan Backpacker tries as much as possible to share personal experiences. Most of which are about backpacking, volunteering, Solo traveling, road trips, train trips and wandering in general. By doing so,  the website hopes to provide information, tips and guide for people who are planning to travel and explore Kenyan, African and Global Destinations.

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Jos verhoef

Mijn naam is jos verhoef kom uit nederland en hebben via leonard een treinkaart besteld. Geld overgemaakt via p poll kaartjes ontvangen via mail leonard heeft voor ons de kaartjes uitgeprint en bij het hotel afgeleverd. Grote klasse .


Hi Caroline!
Are you trekking Elephant hill this weekend?

Jamal Lally

How do you suggest finding a guide for Elephant Hills day hike ?


You don’t need a guide. You can hire the rangers at the Forest gate and they’ll walk up and down the Elephant hill with you. The fee is 2,500 if i recall.


if you are agroup the 2500 suffices or?

Abdi indire

Your mobile number

Will Tottle

Hi there,

I hope I’m reaching the right person – If not, could you please forward my email to the correct/relevant person?

Last week I sent you an email regarding your web page (copy of email below) and I haven’t yet heard back from anyone.

I would still love for my article http://www.wonderfulwellies.co.uk/camping-checklist-guide/ to be placed as another beneficial resource/link on your page here https://www.kenyanbackpacker.com/nairobi-kenya-travel-resources-backpackers/.

Please let me know the correct person to contact regarding my request or if you can help me out! I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Kind Regards,

Will Tottle


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