5 Day Trips to do in Nairobi on a Budget

Nairobi on a Budget: 5 Day Trips in Nairobi

What do you do when you want to have a fun weekend but can’t get away to Maasai Mara or Diani because your finances are set up a whole other way? Or as we like to say in Kenya, the month is around the corner?

Well, you have two options, really; chill at home in your jammies or get up and show up if you have Kshs 3,000 to spare.

These fun day trips will set you back not more than Kshs 3,500 but they will leave you with enough Insta moments to last a whole week.

1. Hells Gate – Naivasha

This national park is packed with activities; choose between bike riding through the expansive park, rock-climbing, hiking, and a spa treatment later at the pool. Park fees are usually Kshs 500 for locals, and you will fork out a similar amount to rent a bike for two hours. Naivasha is easily accessible by both public and private means from Nairobi, and so you should be able to get there, have some fun and get back to the city before sunset.

5 Day Trips to do in Nairobi on a Budget Hells's Gate

Image Source: Nation News

2. The Forest at Kereita

The Forest is the ideal getaway for a weekend with adrenaline junkies. You get a pocket-friendly package that allows you to choose between several activities; zip-lining, bike riding through the forest, archery, paintballing and nature walks among others. On some weekends they will even throw in horse riding! Each activity is charged separately, but very few go above $30. Also, The Forest is only 1.5 hours from Nairobi, and so you can count on doing fun activities within a day.

5 Day Trips to do in Nairobi on a Budget the forest at Kereita

Image: the forest

3. Kisame’s Giraffe Camp – Ngong’

Most people don’t know about Kisames Giraffe Camp, but this little jungle in Ngong’ delivers a refreshing adventure. First, you get to leave the city for a while and breath in the fresh air in Ngong’, but that is only the icing on the cake. At the camp, you get to walk on high ropes, bring out your inner child with water games around a nearby lake, and then zip-line! The heights are a little dizzying and so you had better be ready. All these activities will cost less than $30.

Things to do in Nairobi on a Budget Kisames High Ropes

Image: Kenya buzz

4. A Hike up Mount Longonot

Sometimes all you need to have an excellent week is a change of altitude. So, how about 2776 m above sea level? Mount Longonot is one of the favorites when it comes to day hikes because it is only two hours from Nairobi.

The entrance fee for Kenyans is about Kshs 500, but foreigners pay about 6 times more. The hike is quite challenging and is best tackled in the morning – from 8 am – before it gets too hot. It takes 2 – 3 hours to get to the top depending on your fitness levels, and another 2.5 hours to go round the rim of the crater. The view from the top of Longonot is breathtaking and worth each of those 5 hours. You may want to bring some snacks to boost your energy.

5 Day Trips to do in Nairobi on a Budget Longonot lonely planet

Image: Lonely planet

5. Karura Forest – be one with Nature

Can’t spare more than 3 hours? Then drive to Karura forest, which is only 30 minutes from the city center, and enjoy a peaceful getaway. Entrance fee is Kshs 100 for Kenyans, Kshs 200 for residents, and Kshs 600 – $6 – for non-residents. What can you do at Karura? Nature walks in the woods, bike-riding through designated trails, and picnics. Bike rentals are Kshs 500 for two hours.

Nairobi on a Budget Karura Forest Trail

Image: Pick your day

Still wondering what to do for the weekend? What other day trips can you add to the list?

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